“I had a dream. Do you dream?

“We were the same. In tenth grade.

“We made the waves during the day.

“At night we’d bring peace. Do you sleep?”


“Then, did it break? Did you wake?”


“I lived my life #centuries.

“Dramatized wild plots and schemes.

“And you were right there with me.

“We stormed the sky like a war.”


“Please say no more. I abhor.”


“We birthed a million white stars.

“You loved them with all your heart.”

“Cried, dried your eyes when they died.”

“Lit up the sky. Do you mind?”


“No, not at all. What’d you say?”


“Lit it like hell, then it rained.

“Never the same since that day.

“You made all the wild willows weep.

“You made the bold mountains sleep.”


“This feels like a dream. Do you dream?”


“Sure. Occasionally.”



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