A Lovely Girl- Part 2

“I have an obstinate job for you.” The Man held out The Book.

You retreated at the blood but dared to take a look.

“Quite rigmarole the task.” The Man rubbed tired eyes.

“Then I guess I’ll pass,” you said, to his surprise.

Same stubbornness, I noticed, from the day you came here.

The Man smirked, releasing a cacophony of fear.

“I own you,” he said. “Let’s not forget your contract.

“You’ll do this job and then another, as many as I ask.”

“It just so happens,” you responded. “I’m quite busy today.

“But you’re looking tired, Old Man.”

I stood there, quite amazed.

The nerve of you to speak to him with such vicious malice.

As if you owned the goddamn place, your own prodigious palace.

I tried to take The Book, but you tossed it out of range.

What in the hell, I thought, this girl has gone insane.

“Could you possibly imagine you’re a worthy adversary?”

Tremendous adoration turned your cheeks red as a cherry.

“I’m doing this for you,” you said. “I’m doing it for us.”

“Then you’re a fucking fool.” The Man began to fuss.

“I’ve owned him for so long, he couldn’t begin to see your side.”

So very long, I thought, gazing into your eyes—

“Felt like an extra in your movie, didn’t even think you noticed me.”

Your face so rosy, you replied, “That’s far from reality.

“You kept me sane,” you said. “Without you I don’t exist.”

The Man stood up, banged his scythe. “Then, let’s change this script.”

Before I knew, he had The Book. We were back inside the church.

“No,” I said, but he opened it with a smirk.

“Say goodbye,” The Man told me, as he ripped the paper.

“Don’t!” I screamed, you on your knees, turning into vapor.

“Contract expired,” said The Man.

I stood there, heart demolished. “You killed her.”

“She was already dead, in case you had forgotten.

“I owned her, just like I own you. Now, don’t forget your place.”

Then, came a figure from the pews, a smile upon your face.

Donning white and brilliant light, you held out your hand.

How could this be, I asked myself. Was this part of your plan?

“From the beginning,” you said aloud, having read my thoughts.

“Come with me, My Love.”

I took a step but paused.

Over my shoulder, I waited to hear an objection.

But The Man was gone, no more dispersing his cruel lessons.

A lovely girl, I thought, feeling pain no more.

A lovely life. Sanity restored.

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