A Lovely Girl- Part 2

“I have an obstinate job for you.” The Man held out The Book. You retreated at the blood but dared to take a look. “Quite rigmarole the task.” The Man rubbed tired eyes. “Then I guess I’ll pass,” you said, to his surprise. Same stubbornness, I noticed, from the day you came here. The Man […]


I feel so alone here. I don’t know what’s wrong. Wake up and the point is a mystery. I can write these words but they can never be enough. Those I love call it drama, but they don’t me. The quiet is so loud here. These instruments of doubt. Try to block them out but […]

We Were Lively

We were langoruous,wasting the day in backyardkiddy pools,heat pounding.Breathless,from popsicle kisses,meshing opaline juices,sticky… on… summer sidewalks.Torturous to walkbarefoot,butwe racedbarefootto the end of the block.We were lively.


Damn death- swimming through labyrinthine waves. You were here today, kinetic, tangible, I swear I kissed your face. I swear I gazed upon the light you emanate. Damn. Death, the beauty that doesn’t belong to you, why are you so willing to take?


Remember when we were young, and our guns, were filled with water? & we usurped enemies who breached the porch, refusing to obviate wars? & they barked commands from the 2nd floor window, sending their yipping army of snack thieves? & the only aid we needed was Kool?

We Found Grace

We found grace in streams of yesterdays and dreams of tomorrows. We found it in interlaced fingers, tiptoeing on snow-covered decks, in late night fingertip massages, reclined, while winter vibes vibe to crackling firewood. Thank God. We found peace.


She once knew the harmony of words- rose-pink and yellow, birthing brilliant coral. She once knew how to merge them- raw honey, aromatic lemon pound cake tea. She once tasted their emotion- life, love, death&all… Now they escape her. And she wishes to know them again.

Pale, White Unicorn

I, human, also known as charlatan, surmise that this too shall pass. Obfuscating our own eyes with our own beauty, & our own lies, while the world burns, waiting for its own time to see that pale, white unicorn, pointing its horn at a red giant. Too late for latent gratitude.


Dark moon of your eyestrembles my thighs.Sweet velvet fingertips.Our futures sway in the starsA mirage, a long forgotten wishthat this’ll last forever.We hold hands whilewatching slasher flicksin our PJs on the loveseat,rain tapping at the window,and make that last forever.

Save My Soul

I’ve been feeling old. Came in surrounded, gonna die alone. When did winter come? This world is so damn cold. The sun’s been getting bold. It left, took my heart, like a bar of gold. With your summer gone, who’s gonna save my soul? All your doors are closed, shut out the fire, keeping in […]