Innocence-- azure like your empty sky, stained by the scarlet of a broken heart, pieced together by silver plasters, unable to hold innocence. Smoke seeps through where the cracks in your chest unveil your heart, where I swim in your new sea... of Vantablack innocence.



The sun paints the sky in hues of pinks purples. And I #love you like the sun. It reaches its #zenith straightens its crown. And I love you like its climb. It paints the night in yellow stars. Do you love me like the stars? And all the way to Mars, kid.



Joy washed-up with baby wipes between a Kia and pick-up. Her clothes were the last remnants of a miserable marriage, long gone. A saxophone's soulful #cadence wafted through an upstairs window into her alley home-- respite from daily pain, lulling her to sleep.


We End

We start the same as we end. #Effervescent romances, knocking us so dumb we forget how to think. You waved your crimson flag proudly. I didn't notice till I was waving mine- white, like the light I thought you were. You were no salvation. We end the same as we start.


Vestige of Us

#Vestiges of us: spilled wine on dinner, candles lit, cold seeping from an open refrigerator, oven reeks of burnt Dutch apple pie. Someone's knocking. Living room decorated with sparkling glass shards from the coffee table. Someone's banging. "Anyone home?"


Advice Boy- Shortened

Down by his tombstone, he opens her eyes. Says, "Dear, see? "I'm still by your side." His sleep is eternal, he's already died. She screams, "Stay, "Mi Amor, you're my #vice." He says, "When it's cold outside "close your window. "And when you wanna cry "sit right here."


Jealous Light

Darkness wraps her in stars, allows her wishes only he can grant. Light is jealous, for he gave her calm in storms, paths through tumultuous seas, clouds for fantasies, dreams. "Will Darkness keep your heart?" "No, but there's no pain in his arms."


“Forgive Me”

We remain after years of blame. We don't talk much, but I hear the music in the #void that you became. Piano strums meddling with the hint of soft drums, as quiet and regretful as your soul. "Forgive me." Your words, beautiful intent, untrusting in delivery.


“Never Forget”

Null, #void, surrounded by glow-in-the-dark star decals. Left bud in your ear, right in mine. The exquisite feeling of this place, written in lyrics on the insides of cassette tapes. Kisses sweet, soft on your lips. Promises promises, "Never forget."