Should I?

Another morning, wake for work. Can't do this today. Listen to the misery- all pointless complaints. Straight for home, "Shut up, #vile world." Gets hard to face the day. Another year, another moment left to contemplate. Should I? Should I?



Flotsam of your memory, supinely on my bed, satin pillowcase underneath your head. Jetsam piles keep floating, on your furious sea, Whispers of chimera dreams, given back to me. There, among the clouds. There, I saw you sleep. Songs of remembrance here, where I weep.



The sun paints the sky in hues of pinks purples. And I #love you like the sun. It reaches its #zenith straightens its crown. And I love you like its climb. It paints the night in yellow stars. Do you love me like the stars? And all the way to Mars, kid.


Sweet Innocence

Sweet Innocence, Winds of approaching rain cooled sweat above her lip, cheek gripped by concrete's gavel. Blood-- the stick glue that holds her teeth in her mouth, and her body to the ground. #Verdict thrown against her, and she against it, from the highest window.


The Last

You were the One, the last, those things we dreamed did come to pass. You fantasized. That's all it took. To lock our stories in a book. Your muse, My Queen, forever yours. I crave to sign your name once more.


The Sun

The war started with miniscule acts of violence. Taz and Jen held hands on their balcony. Blasts below trembled their building. "Bring it down!" "There." Taz nudged Jen's attention to a ray of amber light through the smoke. Her smile was soft, final. "The sun rose."